Outsourced Accounting / Tax services


Are you looking for Accounting and Tax services ?

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          We provides clients with outsourced accounting services of highest quality tailored to their specific needs. Our accounting services include monthly accounts payable and receivable, check procedures, bank liaison, tax submissions and payroll services as well as financial and management reporting for small, medium sized businesses in Thailand.

       Our SME clients can focus on their core activities and other business priorities more effectively without the need of having an own accounting department. Simultaneously, We are working closely with their teams to ensure smooth communication and best performance of all accounting and reporting processes and tasks.

          Typically, our monthly accounting service fees are substantially lower than the cost of our clients having and managing an own accounting team, while our vast accounting experience, expertise and skills add great extra value to their business and decision process at the same time.

          With the help of us, clients have perfect peace of mind getting error-free accounting, tax compliance and reporting work performed and delivered on time without the need of developing own accounting teams and capabilities. Not only does this spare them from the hassles of recruiting, managing and retaining own accounting personnel but also helps them saving costs and expenses for office equipment, accounting software, materials and rent.