Thailand Work Permit



          A work permit allows a non-Thai citizen to work  and  operate a business in Thailand as a skilled professional  or even as an employer.   The work permit is required in order to  be able to work legally in the Kingdom of Thailand. Working without a Thai work permit might cause severe consequences. A foreigner,   who is arrested for  working without work permit,  will be punished with a fine or imprisonment.

          In general, the success of a work permit application depends on the hiring company's registered capitalization.

  • Thai Business Entities who want to apply their foreign employee for work permits must have at least two million baht fully paid-up registered capitalization. However, where the foreign employee has a Thai spouse, the registered capitalization may only be one million baht.
  • Foreign Business Entities who had operated their business in Thailand can apply their employees for work permit if they bring at least three million baht per employee into the country.

          The entities above may be granted to maximum 10 work permits each. However,the BOI-promoted company is an exception from the regulations above. Thailand Board of Investment is authorized  to grant the promoted  companies  special  right  concerning  the issuance  of  work permit and visa for the foreign employee working on those projects as technical experts.

          Before you can apply   or be issued  with a work permit  you must have a non-immigrant visa first. This is required to apply for  a Thai work permit in the Kingdom.   Ideally, it should be acquired prior to your arrival in Thailand. We can assist you in obtaining it in your home country or in country close to Thailand. In addition, we can help you convert a tourist visa to a non-immigrant visa without leaving Thailand.