Audit Service



          We provide audit services by auditors who are Certified Public Accountants or CPA.

       Accounting Act B.E. 2543 requires that every company prepare accounting entries and arrange audit schedule with Thai CPA or Thai Tax Audit (TA) before handling to Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce and Revenue Department in order that the financial statements present proper information and are essential to your business quality which can reduce the business risk.


          Auditing framework and signing the reports;

  • Conduct audit service to accounting entries and financial reports in compliant with Thai Accounting Standard and Thai Auditing Standard by review of accounting entries, internal control and financial report, presenting in assessment of reasonableness on documentation and estimates inherent in the financial statement

  • Discuss with management in any accounting and financial issues. For example, issue about internal control leakage, inappropriateness of accounting system, recommendation on significant documentation

  • Issue audit report at least once a year following the Ministry of Commerce’s regulation. The audit report states audit opinion to the company’s financial statement in which to ensure that the statement of financial position and operating statement present fairly in all material aspect. If there is error, we advise the management for the issue before reporting.